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Kaisa's excitement about improv was contagious. This made her class so much fun! She brings a loving, supportive energy to her class, as she shares her improv knowledge. I would jump at the chance to take more classes from her!

  • Mindy Keeling, Torch Theater, Phoenix, US

I can't describe how much I enjoyed the workshop (Getting closer). It was such an unforgettable experience. The only sad moment was to say goodbye but with a smile in my soul!

  • Ron Kaczmarek, Improviser from Warsaw, Poland

Kaisa Kokko is an improviser, director and a communication skills instructor from Finland. She studied music, special education and education at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, and has masters in Education (M.Ed). Kaisa has also studied communication skills, various forms of dancing & musical instruments and improvisation (iO Chicago, Unexpected Productions Seattle and many teachers around the globe).

Improvisation theater JOO! has been Kaisa's theater since 2005 and after a few years of studying the art form she became an instructor herself. Kaisa has studied with some of the greatest improv teachers in the world and continues to educate herself whenever there is a chance.

Kaisa has co-created the famous Jyväskylä-based improv comedy club Mikäklubi and Improv Theater KujeImpro and is the co-artistic director in both. Kaisa is a co-founder of ImproKampus, the fist improvisational theater training center that offers improv teaching in Finnish (and in English). She is actively performing in two improv theaters and has a musical duo "Kaisa & Julia".

In addition to her homeland Finland, Kaisa has taught and/or performed improv all over Europe and in Costa Rica, Peru and United States. Her favorite festival experiences include FiiF in Finland, Tilt in Estonia, Seattle International Festival of Improvisation in United States, Pheonix Improv Festival (US) Improv Fest Ireland and Improfest & Swimp in Sweden. This summer Kaisa has the pleasure of joining The Ocean State Improv Festival (US) and Seattle International Festival of Improvisation (US) in addition to teaching in several theatres around the US and Canada. Kaisa is grateful for being able to travel around the world teaching, performing and constantly learning more!

When it comes to teaching improv, this is what she thinks: "In teaching improv the most important things for me are genuine listening and (building) trust, knowing the others, staying in the moment, having fun but still taking things seriously and finally the will and the ways of doing things together. I will concentrate in relationships since they are the foundation of the work in improvisation. My specialities lie in deep and meaningful connections, relationship based grounded scene work and musical improvisation."

The same basic ideas apply when she is teaching applied improv and communication skills.

"The most important things are building trust, listening and hearing others and creating a meaningful shared experience. The most popular (non impro)workshops I teach are about communication skills and emotional listening skills." When people are in contact with each other in any way, communication skills are essential. When they will work on them together the results can be amazing! Every session is different since they are always based on the needs and wishes of individual customer.

Kaisa is an amazing teacher! Her energy and wisdom are beautiful! Hopefully she can return and keep sharing it with everyone!

  • Dorita Zarate Loayza, Improviser from Piura, Peru


That was the most present I have felt in a long time (Getting Closer)

  • William Rosenwinkel, Improviser from York, Pennsylvania, USA

Teaching improv in Piura. Peru, 2016.