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Here you can take a look at some of the workshops I offer to groups with variety of experience level and size. Every workshop can be adjusted to the needs of each individual group or customer. Let me hear from you and we can plan a workshop that suits your needs best!


Let's improvise!

This workshop introduces you to the world of improvisation through a fun, safe and easy series of exercises and games. We will concentrate on building the basic blocks for improv and emphasize listening and reacting as they are the foundation of improv. In this workshop everyone has an equal space to try new things and right to be supported by others. Improvisational theater will help in all communication in normal daily life, will bring more certainty to public speaking and open up a wonderful new world that will increase the joy in your life more than you could've imagined!

More improv

This workshop is meant for improvisers with some previous experience. We will focus on honing our skills further by exploring more listening, reacting, emotions, scenes, character work and status. This workshop will develop you as an actor and an improviser, increases your communicational skills and furthers you confidence to yourself and your scene partners both on and off stage.

Silence is golden

Most of the time we use too much words when improvising. This work shop concentrates on creating and maintaining a deep and meaningful relationship between improvisers mostly without verbal connection. We will work on the intention over words and examine how this will give the audience the chance to be active members of storytelling. The more you give the more you get and by devoting to this work you will get a feel of how and why to use less words.

Feel it!

This workshop concentrates in the experience of truly sharing things with others and using different emotions in the process. Improvisers will explore the scale of being honest and naked in front of their scene partners and having the faith to trust the others and draw material from their own life. The workshop will present a chance to reveal ones vulnerability in a safe group that will be created together. Improvisers can let go of unnecessary fears and have the permission to perhaps try things they have never tried before.

Audience as a scene partner

Sometimes we get caught in over explaining ourselves to our scene partners as well as to the audience. Would it be possible to trust the audience enough to let them be active members in storytelling? Could we construct wonderful, engaging, conflicting and diverse theater and let the audience fight about their different views on what happened after the show ends? After all, this happens when the audiences leave theaters and cinemas - why not the improv shows?

The workshop is designed to help improvisers explore the ways we can trust our audiences more by devoting to relationships, scene partners and the intentions of each character but not forcing information down each others and the audiences throats!

Music is us!

This is a workshop for everyone who wants to develop their skills in creating music in improv. In the workshop we will explore different possibilities to make music without actual instruments. Let's try out different exercises and games of group listening, forming bands, creating different kind of sound sceneries and use all we learn by improvising scenes inspired by our work!

Getting closer

We see wonderful scenes in films and on theater stages portraying (romantic) love, but for some reason this rarely happens in improv. Most of the time improvisers will avoid these situations or turn them into gaggy comedy. How can we express deep believable feelings on stage and get the audience to "aww" with us? How can we get more comfortable touching and being touched by each other? How will we beat the fears concerning intimacy on stage and let ourselves tell the full stories of our characters?

This workshop concentrates on honing our skills in love scenes, experiencing and exploring closeness on stage and sharing our fears, insights and ideas on the theme. By creating a safe environment we have a wonderful possibility to learn more about getting closer.


Short form? Long form? Free form? What about Harold, Armando, Genres, Musicals, Tournaments, Two act plays, The Bat, Monoscene or the Funeral? The world is full of different and wonderful forms! This workshop will give you the chance to  dive deeper into the world of these various possibilities and try out new forms with the help of an experienced teacher.  The workshop is meant for improvisers with some previous experience in improv in general. We can explore new forms or concentrate on a specific form your group wants to master. FORMS is always customized to the needs and wishes of each individual group.


Would your group need the eye of an outsider? Is it time to work on your group mind or the dynamics in the group? Maybe you would want to have feed back from your performances? Or maybe it is the time to try something completely new?

Let's find out what  are the things that your group  needs coaching on and benefits the most. I would be happy to work with your group and help bringing you to the next level of improvising!