ImproKampus in English

ImproKampus offers improv classes also in English. All the classes are taught by instructors Marianna Räsänen, Pasi IkonenTinja Kuvaja and Kaisa Eräpuro.


Basics of Improvisation

At the foundation level of ImproKampus you get to know the basics of improvisation, “yes, and”, accepting offers, listening to others along with yourself and getting the much needed experiences of group work. In addition you will be introduced to short form games and get to have fun with others. There is no need for previous experience of improvising in taking this class.

Follow-up course of Improvisation

On this course you get introduced to two person scenes, relationships, grounded scene work and character work. You will further your skills in group work and get to, if you choose so, perform at the graduation show. You need to have completed Basics of Improvisation at ImproKampus or have similar experience from improvisation to take the follow-up course.



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