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Osuuskunta Kuje

Osuuskunta Kuje is a cultural cooperative based in Jyväskylä, Finland. Kuje, "Trick", is a home for professionals sharing their skills and creativity on the field of improvisational theater, scripted theater, applied theater, communication skills training, graphic design, photography, event producing and dance-movement therapy.

Osuuskunta Kuje organizes regular performances in Jyväskylä and tours around Finland and world with it's unique improvised shows. Kuje has a lot of experience teaching and performing  both in Finnish and English. Kuje is the only company in Central Finland offering these services in English.

Kuje improv

Kuje improv is an improv theater consisting of professional improvisers in Jyväskylä, Finland. Kuje improv emerged in 2015 but Kuje improvisers have been part of different ensembles for a decade and have a long tradition of being members of Improvisaatioteatteri JOO!, the most long running improv theater (20 years) in Central Finland. Kuje improv's aim is to make improv a better known art and entertainment form in Finland and abroad. This will be done by constantly developing new forms and ways to explore, perform and teach improvisation theater.

Kuje provides regular shows in Jyväskylä and tours with a multitude of shows around Finland, Europe and the World. In Jyväskylä Kuje is producing the famous Mikäklubi, a popular monthly show. In addition to this, Kuje has many other formats both in Finnish and English. Take a look at them on the Esitykset -page.

Talkshow Kuje.

Improvisers of Kuje have a lot of experience in performing abroad, including Sweden, Estonia, Italy and England.

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